Essex House Extensions

Great, so you have decided to extend your property, perhaps you are planning to make more space for your family as it grow. By adding rooms to your property it will give you more space to live and work in and increase the value of your property. Any addition to your home or property such as an extension has to in most cases be permitted by the local authorities before going ahead, however planning permission is not always required and is subject to certain conditions. There are specific guidelines that cover size limits of a new extension, determines how much of the surrounding land is to be built on, where the land is situated in terms of highways and neighbours – in fact, there are many restrictions so it is always worth speaking to the experts and authorities to ensure that your new extension comes under a ‘permitted development’.

There are also different rules for flats and maisonettes, compared to those specifically for houses, and all of the details can be accessed through your local planning office.

Extensions will be subject to building regulations, or most extensions, so again some properties can be exempt from such regulations.

If you are making changes that alter the structure, and you are doing this to add value, it’s worth finding out its current market value, and contacting an expert regarding what you are planning in terms of the additional space and the quality of finish. If you will not reap the financial rewards and this is why you plan to extend, you may change your mind. However, if you are simply extending to make your home look more appealing and allow a more useful space, financial gains or adding value may not be of interest to you.

Adding Functional Space to Your Home or Property

We know that adding space to your home is a fantastic way to create new rooms and can provide you with a way to utilise unused areas of the garden. In this day and age, and with the financial difficulties many of us are facing, adding and extending your home can be a much cheaper way to change the way you live when compared to moving into a new home.

You can make radical changes and improve your home or property by extending it. With larger and better space, additional rooms and a completely differently functioning home you can truly add value and change the way you live.

Also, you can convert your home with smaller transformations such as adding or taking away partition walls or changing the position or size of windows and doors.

Our team are able to help you make a wise investment when it comes to home extensions. We will help you do the job properly, and will assist with design, planning, construction and the final finish. We’re able to interpret architectural drawings too – The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) can provide a list of registered architects. In addition to this, we are able to take your own ideas to the drawing board in order to produce your design.

If you would like to discover more about how we are able to assist you with superior quality extensions and constructions then please call the team and we will be happy to help advise you.

We can be easily contacted on 01708 545110 and 01277 800110. We will call you back promptly if you prefer to use our contact form.