Tips on How to Plan an Essex House Extension

house-extensions-1People opt for house extensions in Essex to bring social, living space and financial improvements to their property. That way they don’t have to move to a new house. Relocation requires a bigger budget, and it involves a lot of hassle. Extending the house can save the homeowner money, and it will improve the value of the home. Its market value increases even with the smallest extension to it.

There are different types of home extensions. These include conservatory extensions, loft conversion, basements, internal alterations, and a lot more. Extensions increase the space of the home. It is useful when you have a growing family, or you need more space. A home extension must be designed to a specific requirement. That’s why there’s a need to plan and design before the actual construction. Below are tips for planning and designing home extensions.

Choose the Style of House Extensions in Essex

There are several house extension enhancements to choose from. They differ in design and style. Make sure that the style you choose suits you. It is vital to consider the house as well. If the house has an old design, then the extension design can’t be contemporary. People tend to mix different materials to have a dramatic look, but it is important to use the same materials as the original.

In terms of extension finishing some homeowners will opt for a plain finish but in general we advice finishing the extension in the manner of the property. A lot of homeowners go for simple and light design to make the space airy. The extension should be functional with a personal touch to make it part of the house.

Talk to a Professional Real Estate Agent
It is also important to talk to a real estate agent who knows the market in Essex. The agent can tell you what the popular house extensions are and the ones that will increase your property value the most. You should not follow trends and try something new to improve the value of the house. You can ask the estate agent about properties sold in the area, their design and the sale price. After getting the data from the agent, you can start the planning stage of the house extension.

Use Environment-Friendly Material
A lot more homeowners and builders are choosing to use environment-friendly materials in their construction. The government is also promoting their use because it will decreasing energy consumption, which in tern will cost you less to heat your property. Eco-friendly materials are durable, reliable and cheaper.

House extensions in Essex that use environmentally sound materials are becoming more affordable. LED lights have become more popular and the technology has improved significantly in recent years and using them reduces your energy consumption. You should consider proper insulation in order to get the benefits of using natural material. House extensions that use these materials are more useful in the long term, and they reduce the households’ energy consumption.