Everything but the kitchen sink

Complete KitchenThere are many things that you can’t compromise on when building your home. Normally, the kitchen is the most used part of the house, so it definitely needs to be right. In most home, the kitchen is the real heart of the home. It is not just a place for cooking and eating, but a place where family and friends gather to socialise as well. Whether your kitchen is part of a new build, a renovation or just a bit of home improvement – you can make a real impact on the feel of your home by updating your kitchen.

So, this blog will look at how you can make your kitchen a calm and tidy place for enjoying family time and cooking up delicious meals.

In many respects, the things that make a great kitchen are purely practical. It’s about good design. Where you choose sleek white cupboards and a black granite worktop, or rose wood cupboards for classic country chic, appearance is secondary and aesthetic. When a kitchen is designed well, everything has its place. You don’t want to have to spend ages searching through cupboards to find that one piece of cooking equipment that you only need once a year, it has to have a clear and logical place. There are so many new and innovative kitchen designs at the moment. No longer do you have to have worktops that filled with all sorts of equipment, from food processors to jars of coffee.

How do you make sure that your kitchen is well designed? You need to think about how you currently live and how much time you plan to spend in the kitchen. If you are into a contemporary, minimalist style then you really need to think carefully about all the things you own and where they will be stored. Blenders can have their own cupboard, so they are only taken out when needed. Recycling bins can be covered up inside tidy kitchen cupboards. If you are someone who likes to cook a lot and entertain in the kitchen, then a kitchen island seems like an obvious choice. You can keep bowls and whisks stored in their own dedicated place, always close to hand so that you don’t have to go searching for an icing tube as the kitchen timer is counting down.

Hygiene is obviously of huge importance in the kitchen, and with clever design this can also be made to look clean and tidy. There are some companies making really clever solutions for storing damp cloths and kitchen products.

Whether you have a large or small kitchen, you can maximse space and create something that fits your lifestyle. Start by looking a home decorating magazines and blogs – Pinterest is always a useful tool for inspiration. You may want to hire experts to help you see the potential in your space, and help you create something that fits your needs exactly.

Once you have the right functional design, you can start to think about style.